01. The chemicals from the factory are quite [toxic], and present a serious danger for human health.
02. The cost of cleaning up [toxic] waste should be paid by the companies that are responsible for the pollution.
03. It is difficult to determine the [toxicity] of these chemicals because they all mix together and form varying compounds.
04. This make-up is totally non-[toxic] for humans.
05. A build-up of [toxins] in the body may result in the growth of cancerous tumors.
06. A [toxicologist] was consulted in order to determine what poisons were affecting the people living next to the factory.
07. They practice a period of fasting in order to [detoxify] their systems.
08. William Burroughs once said that people, generally speaking, will take any [intoxicant] or any drug that gives them a pleasant effect if it is available to them.
09. Some frogs secrete a [toxic] substance through their skin as a defense mechanism.
10. There is a jellyfish found in Australia which produces a [toxin] so deadly that it can kill a human in minutes.
11. The nicotine in cigarettes is extremely [toxic], and has been classified as the most addictive drug in existence.
12. [Toxic] waste from Europe was dumped along Nigeria's coast in the late 1980s.
13. Organic food is better for our health because it's not full of [toxic] pesticides.
14. Tibetan medicine teaches that eliminating [toxins] from the body is the best way to prevent disease.
15. After drinking all night at the party, he was so [intoxicated] that he fell off his chair.
16. The driver was so [intoxicated] that when he got out of his car, he had to hold onto the roof of his vehicle in order to keep from falling over.
17. Pollution in major cities throughout the world has reached such [toxic] levels that hundreds of people die from it every year.
18. Someone once suggested that poverty is the most [toxic] element known to humankind.
19. Human beings produce more than 100 tons of [toxic] or hazardous waste every second of every day.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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